Swampy Stories


tales from the Isle of Sheppey
by Luke Dixon

Limited edition of 150 copies numbered and signed by the author
Royal Octavo
Matt Coated 115 gsm paper
Illustrated with mono halftone photographs

 'I have read it from cover to cover twice and laughed out loud both times - congratulations - tender, wry and funny!' 
- Rose English
'What a gloriously produced little book but quite disconcerting!!' 
- Carole Woddis
'It might be described (favourably) as a cross between W.C.Sebald and Ian Breakwell's Diary. 
But even Breakwell would have been hard-pressed to come up with an item like 'Coming Up for Air'.' 
- The Phantom Captain
'Love the book.  The stories offer a real snapshot of a place that grow together to form a collage.  They work as individual stories but the sum is greater than the parts.' 
- David Izod
'Read with great delight - pleased to see Luke still stalwartly exploring the hidden outposts of Kent!'
- Lynn MacRitchie

Price £12.00 (inc delivery)